Dumela offers accommodation in the south of Israel

Welcome to Dumela Bed & Breakfast, your serene oasis nestled in the heart of Moshav Idan. Dumela is in the breathtaking Arava region of southern Israel. Situated a mere twenty minutes from the Arava Junction, forty minutes from Dimona, and just an hour and forty minutes from the vibrant city of Eilat, our tranquil haven offers the perfect escape.

At Dumela, we invite you to reconnect with yourself amidst the pure and awe-inspiring beauty of nature. We have designed our accommodations to immerse you in the charm of the southern Israeli landscape.

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Moshav Idan itself provides a haven from the scorching heat, with a refreshing Moshav pool for your relaxation. The surrounding area offers a plethora of captivating off-road trails. The enchanting glow of a full moon accentuates their beauty. For families, we have thoughtfully provided a playground, tennis court, soccer field, basketball court, and a dedicated rollerblade/scooter park. The children will find endless entertainment.

The Arava region boasts a multitude of attractions suitable for the entire family. We are delighted to be your guide to the very best experiences it has to offer.

Discover the Arava region with its unique and loosely defined geography with breathtaking views. It serves as a captivating natural border, south of the Dead Sea basin, where Israel and Jordan meet

Come and immerse yourself in the wonders of southern Israel at Dumela Bed & Breakfast. Your gateway to tranquillity, adventure, and the captivating beauty of the Arava.